My New Sustainable Packaging

I wanted to share something with you all that I’ve been pretty excited about lately.


As I have always been conscious of the environment, I store and reuse cardboard boxes to pack the envelopes that need to be shipped to my shipping agent and ride my bike to the Postal Services. I am Dutch, and that’s what we do.


I decided it was time to take a look at the way my jewelry was packaged and wrapped.


As you all know, packaging needs to be strong to protect your jewelry from damage during shipping. But sometimes, the packaging itself can be a source of waste and environmental harm. That’s why I decided to switch things up and make my packaging more eco-friendly.



New Paper Jewelry Boxes with Paper Inlays for Nonita Jewelry

First of all, I switched from foam inlays to paper inlays in the jewelry boxes. These boxes are made with eco-friendly materials and are still strong enough to protect your jewelry during shipping. Plus, they look great with our new logo printed in silver foil on them!


They keep your jewelry well protected when shipping, look beautiful for gift-giving and are great for safely storing your jewelry at home.


Next, I took a closer look at our shipping envelopes. In the past, I used polypropylene packaging tape to seal them up. But now, I’ve printed paper stickers to seal the envelopes instead. Not only is this more environmentally friendly, but it also expresses my gratitude, and it looks lovely! So then, when you receive your shipment, you can easily pull apart the envelope and recycle the outside paper in the paper waste and the inside bubble wrapping in the plastic waste.


We know that sealing is important to make sure the envelopes wouldn’t have been opened, (partly) emptied, and closed up again without clearly showing from the outside to the recipient or mailperson that something has happened to the shipment. But we want to make sure we’re doing it in the most environmentally conscious way possible.


Finally, I’ve decided to switch to cardboard boxes instead of bubble mailers as soon as I am through the supply that is currently in stock. There’s no need to waste unused supplies for the sake of being environmentally sane. The bubble mailers will still be used for jewelry findings but all other jewelry will be shipped in a box.


I am really excited about these changes, and I hope you are too! Together, we can make a difference and create a more sustainable future for all of us.

Thank you for supporting me on this journey.

With Love, Marjon
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