You are why I do what I do.

How you helped Nonita Jewelry become a reality

Before I started Nonita Jewelry, I was creating jewelry under my own name Marjon Scheffer and had been selling my jewelry online on Etsy since 2010. I made my jewelry with Sterling Silver, Titanium and Aluminum. Over time I got more and more request for Titanium only pieces as many of my customers couldn’t tolerate jewelry made out of other metals.

Looking around on the internet, to see what kind of Titanium jewelry was out there, I could only find industrial and urban looking jewelry pieces. As if they were all made by a man for men, nothing I would want to wear myself.

workbench in Nonita Jewelry work space
the jewelry work bench

Then I knew that I wanted to create beautiful and elegant jewelry for women with super sensitive skin due to metal allergies and a more feminine style in jewelry.

I was not sure how to make my Titanium pieces go together with gemstones and pearls. Especially because Titanium is so sturdy and hard to bend into the shapes I wanted. I needed to find another metal that could be formed much easier and was nickel free too.

After researching the internet I found Niobium. The perfect metal for my jewelry as it was bendable and soft like sterling silver it was also non allergenic.

It turns out..

The road was more difficult than I imagined. Both Titanium and Niobium can’t be welded, a technique I was familiar with from my goldsmith education. I needed to find another way of connecting the pieces together. They could be laser welded, but the machinery needed to do this was very expensive and I had no idea if my new style of jewelry would take off to make such an investment.

I feared going bankrupt if I would ask for a loan so saving every cent I made was the only other option. It took me quite a while before I could finally afford the laser welder. But it was worth it as to me this was very important. I wanted to make necklaces strong enough to support a pendant without the risk of breaking the chain and losing the pendant.

welding necklaces
welding necklaces and bracelets

Through it all in 2013...

I released the first jewelry pieces completely made with Titanium and Niobium and the response has been pure love as my customers were finally able to wear jewelry for days without the redness or irritation.

Nonita Jewelry comes with 100% No Allergy Guarantee! or your money back. That is how confident I am about you wearing my jewelry without having an allergic reaction.

I changed the name to Nonita Jewelry to go with the new direction of my business. Nonita is a concatenation of the three words No Nickel Thanks. And it has a beautiful feminine sound, just what I would like to express with my jewelry.

On the testimonial page you can read what my customers are saying about Nonita Jewelry.




I am thrilled that everyone who uses Nonita Jewelry, knows that you are getting an elegant and truly allergy free piece of jewelry that can comfortably be worn all day long without itching, burning and irritating your super sensitive skin. "

~Marjon Scheffer
Nonita Jewelry 


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