Best metal for sensitive skin

Why Titanium and Niobium are the best metals

Nonita Jewelry is made with the use of only two metals: Titanium and Niobium.

These two metals are both nickel free, hypoallergenic, totally inert, non-reactive metals. Both Titanium and Niobium are advised to be used when you have metal allergies and your skin reacts to nickel, silver, gold, surgical stainless steel, copper, platinum and brass.

The Titanium I use is commercially grade pure Titanium. Titanium grade 1 is used in most of my Titanium pieces, except for the Titanium Ball Post Earrings. They are grade 23 (Ti 6AL-4V ELI), which is a Titanium alloy containing 6% Aluminum and 4% Vanadium.
Titanium is commonly used in surgical implants in the body. It is very lightweight, but is as strong and hard as steel.

Niobium is a pure metal, not an alloy. This means it is not mixed with other metals. Niobium is 20% lighter then sterling silver. Niobium is much softer than Titanium and therefor easier to forge by hand.

Titanium and Niobium are both silvery grey in color, but can be anodized into a rainbow of colors.

They don’t tarnish or rust. So you have some carefree jewelry.

Both metals can’t be soldered, but I can laser weld titanium.

All Nonita Jewelry comes with a 100% No Allergy Guarantee!
In the rare event you do experience an allergic reaction to Nonita Jewelry, we will refund your purchase.
Our 100% No Allergy Guarantee means that you can even return your jewelry when it has been worn, to get your purchase refunded.
Read more about our 100% No Allergy Guarantee!

Take my word for it Titanium and Niobium are the best metals to wear when you experience metal allergies. Or convince yourself and read the many happy reviews of my customers on the testimonial page.