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3mm Gold Titanium Ball Stud Earrings

These small Titanium ball stud earrings are anodized in a gold color. The solid titanium ball studs are only 3 mm. Perfect for who doesn't like big earrings or for those little ears or for your 2nd or 3rd piercing. These hypoallergenic stud earrings won't irritate sensitive ears so you can wear them all day.

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A perfect everyday pair, these titanium stud earrings will pair effortlessly with anything. The solid titanium ball studs are only 3 mm and are anodized in a yellow gold color. When all other metals including gold make you react, you can wear these as there is no gold metal in the gold color of these anodized titanium earrings.

The perfect size for who doesn't like big earrings or for those little ears or for your 2nd or 3rd piercing. These posts come with gold anodized titanium earring backs or clutches, which make them completely save for when you have severe nickel allergies.

Simple but elegant for everyday wear, without being itchy.

★ high quality titanium stud earrings anodized in a yellow gold color
★ balls ~ 3 mm
★ length post ~ 10.3 mm / 0.406"
★ grade #23 titanium ball and post
★ a pair of gold color titanium grade #1 earring backs are included
★ comes in jewelry box ready for gift giving
★ ships from the Netherlands (Europe)
★ worldwide flat rate shipping with tracking
No Allergy Guarantee, or your money back!

Both titanium and niobium are hypoallergenic, lead and nickel free metals. At Nonita Jewelry we create earrings with only these metals. Read more about why titanium and niobium is the best metal for sensitive skin.

These gold color titanium ball studs are also available in 4mm and 5mm.

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Customer Reviews

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First it looked greenish,but it must be the lights,I love them.First two days I felt some soreness,but they work!Unbelievable.


Super fine, light and minimalistic earrings. Easy to wear. An everyday favorite!


I have had the regular titanium earrings for years and wear them constantly. Since I have sensitive skin it is amazingly relieving that I can trust this jewelry not to bother me at all. I wanted a gold pair to match the gold necklaces in my collection. These did not disappoint.


I haven't been able to wear earrings for 15 years. I tried Niobium once and they didn't work for me. Well guess what!? These work. : ) I put them in both holes at once. There was some initial discomfort (30 minutes or so) but I thought it might just be my ears getting used to the earrings. I was right. I haven't taken them out for two weeks now. No itching, burning or crusting. So Happy. Recommend!


These were to replace my 40 yr old ones I lost. A little too small, but so nice I ordered a larger pair...