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Silk Shimmer Titanium Stud Earrings

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These titanium stud earrings feature sparkly silk shimmer crystals. The earrings have a light blue, rose gold and gold tone to them depending on the angle you look at them. The earrings come with titanium catches to securely fasten these beauties to your ears. The use of the titanium post and catches makes them perfect for women with a metal sensitivity. Fun and glamorous to wear day and night, without an itch!

★ crystal ~ 6.5 mm
★ high quality titanium stud earrings
★ length post ~ 9.5 mm / 0.375"
★ grade #1 titanium pad and post
a pair of titanium grade #1 earring backs are included
★ comes in jewelry box ready for gift giving
★ handmade in my homestudio in the Netherlands (Europe)
worldwide flat rate shipping with tracking
No Allergy Guarantee, or your money back!

Both titanium and niobium are hypoallergenic, lead and nickel free metals. At Nonita Jewelry we create earrings with only these metals. Read more about why titanium and niobium is the best metal for sensitive skin.

The crystals are man made and named after the color they resemble, these are not real gemstones.

View the range of titanium stud earrings in the Nonita Jewelry shop, along with the rest of the crystal earrings and have a look at the titanium earrings collection.

Care instructions for your crystal titanium stud earrings:
Although these earrings are very sturdy they are not recommended to wear in water, shower or sauna in order to protect them.

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Need some extra backs:

Hypoallergenic Earring Backs Titanium

Customer Reviews

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Truly lovely earrings. Pictures alone don't do them justice.

And, NO allergic reaction whatsoever… At last!
(I had been searching for another non-allergenic jewelry alternative other than Sterling Silver - because I had to give away purchases from elsewhere that were causing reactions despite those vendors claims .925 & I've other .925 pieces that cause no reaction.)

So now I've finally found a great shoppe, beautiful alternative for my family. Highly recommend supporting this small business for owner's excellent work & service. ❤️❤️❤️